Monday, October 4, 2010

USA Today sounds the feminist alarms

McPaper rushes forward to warn us that the number of women in Congress could drop this election cycle. Still waiting for the esteemed publication to sound similar alarms about the decrease in men entering college, earning graduate degrees, and remaining in the workforce. Or for that matter, the decreasing number of men with vertebrates enough to say anything about it.


  1. I only read part of this article and I could tell you one thing that caused me to not continue. It was written from a libral perspective. Most of the races I have heard about have women involved, but they don't consider them because they are republicans. I am not a feminist, but I see what they are saying. I hope that a balance is reached. I think it is good to have a female perspective there, but it should be balanced.
    I also am concerned about the lack of male role models for boys out there today. There are just not enough men standing up for themselves. They would be considered sexist if they did. Hopefully my boys will stand up for themselves. I know at least one of them probably will.

  2. Maybe if more women run things, they can fix the problems men have caused.

  3. Ah, well being a woman and having sons makes it hard to stand too much behind that push. I want my sons to succeed in life and not be pushed around like a wet blanket. Men sometimes have had no backbone about things and that to me says that this world is having a bad influence on them.


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