Friday, October 15, 2010

It's evil because they were people, not because they were gay

Glenn Beck speaks out against the gays men who were brutally tortured and killed by a gang, and receives his just reward. Fact is, the media is adding this to its weeks long exploitation of suicides and violence to advocate an end to freedom for nonconformists. CNN and others have been trying to say it's time to end the right to speak out against homosexuality, supported by several gay rights advocates who have assured the viewing audience that being a Nazi and disagreeing with homosexuality are one and the same. Certainly, due to bullying, it's time to end the right to disagree with homosexuals in our schools. Why not take the leap and make it a hate crime altogether?

Fact is, this is why hate crimes make some people more important than others. What happened was evil, and it was horrible, and it was indefensible, and the gang members should have the book thrown at them. But because the victims were people, not because they were gay. Gangs commit horrible violence against others all the time. Racial violence between Hispanics and Blacks is over the top (though since it doesn't fit the Liberal 'all evil is White based' motif, the MSM hasn't quite known what to do about it). But this is getting coverage because it's helping the Leftist propaganda machines push for values based liberties; you have liberties if you embrace the correct (liberal) values.

Of course it's gut wrenching that the MSM and others would exploit the deaths of these suicides, murder victims, and others just to advance an agenda. But it's not surprising. What is surprising is that so many who are not on the Left are so desperate to be seen as not beig evil, they buy into the false premise. It won't work. Read the comments on the Huffpost page. There is becoming only one way not to be evil, and that is to embrace and conform to the dogmas of the secular left. Period.

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  1. Your own bigotry is showing. They were attacked because they were gay, not just because they were people. If you can't see that, you don't want to.


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