Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sometimes I wish we home schooled

Yesterday the loudspeakers at my oldest boy's school projected a request that students dress in purple today in order to show solidarity with homosexual teens. Never mind defining teens by their sexuality. In a culture dying to define people by their sexuality as soon as possible, that debate is probably over. My question was, how about all the other teens bullied to the point of suicide who aren't gay?

He was disturbed to say the least. After all, this was nothing other than an official call to show support against belief systems that fail to conform to the dogmas of the Left, in this case the Gay Rights Movement. Now I'm the first to say I don't want any teen to be hurt, bullied, or pushed around. But that door swings both ways. The story, as carried in McPaper, indicates a free support on the part of the media for advancing the agenda. Given that it gives a blank check to organizations such as 'It Gets Better', which defines entire regions as hateful and bigoted for failing to conform to the homosexual gospel, it's difficult to even care what the MSM has to say on the subject.

My boy didn't wear purple. I told him if there was even a hint of intimidation or negative reactions to him for failing to conform, to let me know. Hopefully all will be fine. Who would have thought 50 years ago Christians would have to wonder if their kids would be pressured for holding to traditional Christian values? I guess all those old yarns about a tolerant and diverse society were just lies. Oh well. Live and learn. Next time a movement that promises hedonism and narcissism in the pursuit of tolerance and diversity comes along, we might be more skeptical.

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