Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Liberalism: Out of the closet and breathing free

Last night I was channel surfing a bit. I saw the following: On CNN, Larry King was interviewing a long lost former girlfriend of Clarence Thomas. It didn't look pretty for Thomas. On MSNBC, a special film entitled 'The Assassination of Dr. Tiller' was played, the purpose of which was to lionize the abortion doctor who was murdered by a mentally unstable killer, and demonize all pro-life activists as sadistic fanatics. On PBS, the American history lesson continued as we move into the 19th century, where racist imperialist Americans continue their genocidal extermination of wonderful, perfect, honest and beautiful Native Americans. All of this in about fifteen minutes. This, of course, doesn't count the multiple networks and their programs, all of which speak from a decidedly left leaning POV. If anyone still clung to the hope that liberalism does not dominate the modern media culture, those fifteen minutes alone should throw water on the theory. At this point, I don't think there's even an attempt to hide the fact.


  1. I notice you fail to mention Fox news. But then that would prove your theory about some liberal media conspiracy is wrong.

  2. Well he also did not mention many other media channels. Obviously you did not read the blog very carefully. He said he was surfing channels and within about a 15 minute time period he saw these programs. These I would bet are the ones he stopped to see what they were saying. More than likely there was nothing that interested him on Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS, History channel, etc. There are so many he did not mention that your statement is actually rather ridiculous. The point was that no matter what else was on at the time there programs were very liberally slanted and were out there at the same time on the same day producing that side of the story with no balance. Fox actually was showing Hannity, which for me is just not the same as it was when it was Hannity and Colms. Alan Colms was such a respectful and respectable liberal that I actually enjoyed the show. I don't know what the content of that show was, but it is usually loud and annoying no matter what it is talking about.


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