Saturday, October 2, 2010

Another Self-Worshiper defends Homosexuality

Strikes again. Mark Shea calls this one correctly. An individual who begins by saying he was raised' Catholic explains why the Church has a right to call things sin as long as this fellow agrees. Of course, when this fellow doesn't, the Church has overstepped its boundaries. Because Thomas Jochum is the hub around which all morality should be determined. This is merely part of the growing assault to destroy marriage in America as it has been done in sad, dying Europe. The homosexual attack continues, moving the battle line, and pushing into never before imaginable domains. From the growing curiosity by advocates like Anderson Cooper that seem to suggest an impatience for those who don't worship homosexuality continuing to have free speech, to the militant gay movement that wants to suggest homosexuality is the true master race, it's really amazing. Those who waved the flags of hysteria back in the early days of the gay rights movement have been vindicated. It really is a movement to destroy marriage, destroy humanity, and lay waste the civilization that brought the very concept of freedom used by the gay rights movement to seize power.

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