Sunday, October 17, 2010

The first chink in Multi-Culturalism's armor

So Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel has said multi-culturalism has failed. Granted, this is a different understanding of America's educational approach to multi-culturalism. In America, MC simply means teaching that everything in the history of the world is superior to the traditional Christian western civilization and its values. Anything done in Europe is seen through the worst possible lenses, every atrocity condemned outright, every act of barbarism loathed with self-righteous condemnation. Any culture outside of the historic Christian West is, at best, approached from a purely neutral point of view. At worst, it is celebrated as something unique and wonderful to that culture. Even human sacrifice, ritual torture, and systemic rape is swiped aside and excused. The kicker, and the biggest problem, is that despite this disparity between the approaches, it is seen as ethno-centric and racist to even think that this means the Christian Western tradition is in any way superior. That because of this higher standard, we are implying a higher quality. No. All are equal, or actually equally superior to anything of the Christian Western tradition.

The MC that Merkal is talking about is from the same mental mold, but nonetheless a little different. Not being in Germany, I can't tell if it's worked beyond the assumptions that Germany itself will not be around much longer.

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