Friday, October 15, 2010

The Death of Colonel Reb

So Ole Miss has changed its mascot. Why? Ask Rick Iott. Because we live in a society that is no different than society was 50 years ago. Back when gray haired guys smoking cigars railed against those Beatles and their long hair. Societies have taboos and moral standards and they expect everyone to conform. That's just the way of it. Any talk of 'diversity', 'tolerance', 'respect for differing opinions' is at best ignorance of reality, at worst an outright lie meant to ramrod a new, latest set of absolute morals and values that demand absolute obedience. Never mind that, when I was growing up, rewriting the past and eliminating markers that reminded people of the past was what the Soviet Union did. That's what communism did, we were told. It changed history and didn't allow people to learn about what really happened. Of course we're told we did the same thing in the United States. Maybe we did. Given that suppressing of history we don't want acknowledged is the latest, hippest thing, I would be willing to believe it.


  1. Well what is next - Burtus or of course there is always the Indians (Cleveland that is). So how much else is going to change before someone stands up and says enough is enough. Save our History, Our Heritage PLEASE!!!!

  2. Get real. Col Reb is a symbol of the old South and its slavery. How would we like it if we had a sports team with Col Terrorist cheering the team? If our society is getting rid of the symbols of our racist past, I'm glad to see it.


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