Thursday, October 28, 2010

Muslim Students trash a New Testament

And apart from crickets chirping, no one else is making any noise about it. Of course these students must be terrorists, since apparently the entire Islamic world is divided into two groups: terrorists who really don't represent Islam anyway, and the other 1.5 billion Muslims who never seem to do anything wrong. No doubt many Muslims would probably condemn such behavior. I would like to think so. Even if they didn't condemn it, there probably would be some who didn't approve. But the single biggest fact ignored in our modern debate is that between terrorists and Muslims who want to get along and live freely with their non-Muslim neighbors, is a large variety of Muslims, many of whom would never embrace terrorism, but think nothing of beating other religions or ideals into submission, or attacking them outright for not being Muslim. When we, including Muslims who want to live in peace, admit this, then the dialogue has a chance of producing real fruit. Until then, denial makes for bad solutions.

By the by, I know why there is silence. Despite the insistence of such notables as Rosie O'Donnell and Tavis Smiley, Christians aren't known for roaming the countryside, slaughtering and butchering their way through the human population. As such, there isn't too much of a security risk that Christians will rise up, burn embassies, blow up Mosques, and shoot Imams as a result of this action. Once again, our actions and reactions show what we really believe, as opposed to what we say we believe.


  1. Maybe you should read the story again. It looks like they were reacting to Christians shoving a New Testament in their faces. If Christians would stop trying to make everyone else Christian, this wouldn't happen.

  2. Well maybe you should read the story again yourself. First- "Muslim students attending a Catholic primary school"
    Second- “Although the school’s director had made it absolutely clear that no New Testaments were to be given to the Muslim pupils and that in no way was any student obliged to take a copy of the book, there was a subsequent uproar on the part of some Muslim youths, who tore up the New Testaments, threw them, howling at their teachers, and then threw the torn-up pages out onto the streets,”
    The Gideons are not known for "shoving a New Testament" into anyones’ faces. My dad actually has been a part of the Gideons for many years and is very happy with the work they do. I don't think you quite understand what it is that Gideons are about. So maybe you should do some research?
    There was no mention of any of the Muslim students actually being given a New Testament. It says they were trashing the ones that the Gideons were handing out.
    Before you make any further comment on this article I would suggest you reread the article and research who the Gideons are and what their purpose and procedures are. Then look at what Muslims are and their intentions. It may surprise you!

  3. troyson,

    So a person who hands a Koran to a Christian gets what they have coming to it if the Christian proceeds to destroy the Koran? Or how about burning books that they don't like just because someone may have given it? Sorry, but count me on the side of those who say destroying a book is usually putting one on the bad side of the discussion no matter what. I don't care to qualify it beyond that.


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