Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Forgotten Media Sexual Abuse Scandal

Continuing to exploit young people for our own sexual designs, the show Glee - a program dedicated to indoctrinating young viewers into the mindset of unrestricted debauchery and selfish narcissistic hedonism - posts a photo shoot that even has TMZ taking notice of the debate. Parents groups who still harbor the outdated notion that we should care about our children protest. But between the Secular Progressives, who dangle the promise of unrestricted fulfillment of endless sexual fantasies in order to push the rest of its enslaving doctrines, and the Hollywood Industrial Machine which makes oodles of money by exploiting the hormones and immaturity of young people, there's little hope anyone will listen. Certainly the MSM, which stands to benefit from both sides, will do little to speak up in outrage.


  1. Media abuse scandal? Are you real? These are adults who play kids. It's for an adult men's magazine. Are you even living in reality?

  2. I know they are adults. But the continued blurring of the line between sex content aimed at kids and aimed at adults is the problem. Of course it's all wrapped up in the push toward the holy grail of the sex revolution: complete acceptance of group sex. But for me, stars in a show marketed to young people fulfilling the sexual fantasies of adult men - count me in on the group of people that says yuck.


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