Monday, October 25, 2010

If the Catholic Church were a business, it would have gone bankrupt ages ago.

If the Catholic Church is one thing, it's inefficient. Always has been. Owing to the fact that it's so large, and encompasses so much. In recent years, one glaring problem has been Catholic ministries, including schools and universities, that seem dedicated to the single endeavor of giving the teachings of the Catholic Faith the high middle one. Notre Dame is a prime example. While Catholic, it seems far more interested in adhering to the more important doctrines of the Left. Why this is, I can only guess. But this is starting to backfire. Of course there can always be problems with this approach, and we don't want to become Catholics who sound like the Pharisee in yesterday's Gospel reading - thank you Lord that you didn't make me a faithless Catholic like those people over there! But there is something glaring in the piss-poor witness that comes from ministries associated with the Catholic Faith who have little public concern about adhering to the teachings of that same Catholic Faith.

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