Thursday, October 28, 2010

Where did Halloween come from anyway?

An interesting little article that relates the history of Halloween, from a decidedly Catholic point of view. Of course one could find another hundred histories that seem to contradict some of what is said. History is the perfect storm. Everything that happens does so because everything needed for it to happen, happened. Just why and how Halloween came to be what it is today can be generalized, but even then there is room for interpretation. That's because the real reason Halloween came to be what it is has to do with the millions of incidents in the billions of lives that make up the human story. We can narrow things down. We can say, with confidence, that Napoleon commanded the French forces at Waterloo. We can say the Washington was the first American President under the current constitutional government. We can make some basic claims. But there are so many things in history we can never grasp - we will always know less than there is to know - we can only generalize, and sometimes speculate. And of course, in the course of speculating, we fill in the gaps where we aren't sure with the various beliefs, priorities, passions we have of which we are sure. So read and enjoy. Probably closer to the truth than others you'll read, but no doubt much mystery that will never be known.

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