Sunday, October 31, 2010

There's something wrong with a society that treats children like a disease

The contempt for life and unwarranted feeling of superiority that our current cultural manufacturers convey is staggering. Any student of European history cannot possibly fail to see parallels between our modern disregard for the sanctity of life, and that which followed in the wake of the 19th century philosophies of Europe. How easy it was to conclude some humans, being nothing but glorified animals evolved, were worthy of life while others were not. How easy it is now to conclude that almost all humans are nothing more than a festering malignant blight upon the earth, and except for one's own little circle, worthy of abortion, euthanasia, or worse. The genocidal slaughter that is heading our way, compliments of all the enlightened thinking c. 2010, will make the 20th century look like a tea party with Mary Poppins. And because we should know better, having the last century to learn from, we will be doubly condemned - and justly so. These are the things that cry out to God for vengeance. The flagrant disregard for life based on mere convenience that drove the prophet Jeremiah to say that this is something so heinous, it never even entered the mind of God.


  1. OK so would this cover classes on Natural Family Planning? These are very costly. I doubt it. The push for everyone to be on BC is just astounding. I am sorry having been on BC and not I feel the best most healthy life is not not be on it. I have felt better more healthy and have a better outlook on LIFE because of it.
    We should be promoting - SAFE SEX - which of course the only "safe sex" is abstinance. By giving away Birth control I just wonder if they have done any studies on the effects of STD rising. HMM does anyone else see the storm coming? Life! it does matter!!!!!

  2. Take a look at the story. It's about birth control. I think you believe everything is about abortion. There's a difference between providing the option to take control of a person's family and providing abortion for free.

  3. Again the Catholic church is against birth control as a whole, but you probably never have realized that you should do your research before you make comments. Since I am Catholic and follow Church teachings I feel that giving out free birth control is wrong.
    Having control of my actions is way better than choosing to take medicine to not allow for life. I have a beautiful son because of it. Again the only way to avoid pregnancy is to avoid what causes it. If you choose to have sex then you should be willing to pay the consequences of your actions. I rejoice in having a family that God has blessed me with - Oh yes that is right you believe He is a myth. Well I do belive God is very real in my life so I try to live live my life according to my faith. It is a wonderful thing to do.

  4. I know what the Catholic Church teaches. In an age of AIDS, it tells everyone to not protect themself. With overpopulation ruining the planet, it tells us we should have more babies. Real brilliant. That's why most people don't take it seriously anymore. Including most Catholics I know. I also know that Daffey is trying to make it sound like anyone who supports birth control is the same as hating children. And that is wrong. Some just think women should be able to choose. If you don't want to use birth control, then don't. But let other women decide, instead of the Catholic Church deciding for them.

  5. That is exactly the point. We are able to decide for ourselves and it is between us and God. That is the freedom we have as Christians. God is not some beast. He is all about love and forgiveness. However to have my money being used for something I do not support is something I would prefer not to have done. I feel it is a choice that many choose to make and not fall in line with the Church, but that also means that they have made that choice (including permanent sterilization) with full knowledge they are going against church teachings.
    Oh and by the way the best way avoid aids and pregnancy is good old fashioned abstinence. God in his infanite wisdom planned it that way. If we are to procreate we know how to. If we feel now is not the time for it we also have ways to avoid that. If we feel that we would rather not, but if God blesses us with another child that is joy.
    Also please note: BC does not equal protection against AIDS. The methods that would be covered by Health Care would in no way protect against any STDs. Daffey's statement about treating children like a disease refers to the fact that birth control would be listed as part of "preventative care", which in all definitions is to prevent diseases like heart disease, etc. He is not saying that people who use BC hate children in the least.


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