Monday, October 25, 2010

Christophobic bigotry

Will not be the assumption carried in the headlines. Of course, it looks like a mental disorder played a large part. So in this case, it is probably fair to note that the cause of the attack, at least on the surface, appears more psychotic than agenda driven - not that it matters to the victims. We could, however, find out later that some axe to grind or grudge against the Church played a part.

I note this to point out that, had it been a Mosque, Synagogue, gay bar, or just about anything else, the first and only assumption would have been a hate crime based on bigotry. The attacker could have been stark raving insane, foaming at the mouth, but the emphasis not only would have been on the bigotry behind the attack, but what bigotry was already in existence that influenced the attack. Of course, even if there was no connection at all to any bigotry, the narrative would continue and we would be treated to weeks of the MSM hosting specials on the rise of hate crimes, and more importantly, the need to have the government step in and doing something about it.

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  1. Yep that is about right. Sorry to hear about the attack, but also sad to say you have it about right. It would not have been written up in the same way for sure. If it had been a Mosque it may have read Imam attacked. Recently there was an attack on thus and such mosque. Reports were that the attacker was a man who had escaped. More to come...

    Sorry I went a little overboard, but you get the picture.


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