Monday, October 11, 2010

I'm a Bigot!

You're a Bigot! We're a Bigot! Wouldn't you like to be a bigot, too? It's easy if you try. Apparently you avoid embracing the dogmas of homosexual acceptance. Speak out in any way that isn't worshipful, and you're a homophobic bigot. All of this around Carl Paladino's remarks that homosexuality may not be the superior lifestyle it's portrayed as in our modern propaganda outlets. Since several MSM newscasts have labeled what he said as 'homophobic', I'm assuming that's all it takes: be liberal, or be a bigot. Given the recent CNN agenda circus around bullying and homophobia, given the attempts to tie gay suicides with anyone who fails to conform to the gay agenda, and since it's pretty clear that at least some (ahem, Barry Lynn) wouldn't mind this being the litmus test for those who do and don't have stars on their bellies, I'm beginning to think there's only one way out of bigotry, and that's obedience to the Liberal Gospel.

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