Saturday, October 2, 2010

U.K. Recognizes Druids

For the first time. Or so the headlines read. Of course Druids were there before Romans or Christianity. And there is likely some traditional forms of Druidism in parts of the U.K. Most of what passes for Druids today, however, is a bizarre mix of post-modern new age spiritualism and narcissism with Hollywood takes on pure and wonderful pre-Christian populations. It also goes out of its way to ignore the Druids' more brutal past, including but not limited to human sacrifice. But in a culture willing to abort its unwanted and euthanize its inconvenient, it's not hard to imagine our lack of concern about such trivial side issues. Western Civilization: returning to its pagan roots and all the fun and terror that came with it. I hope we enjoy it, because we will likely have the fun and it will be our kids who reap the terror.

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