Wednesday, October 20, 2010

There is no media, only propaganda.

In this strange piece, we are told of Virginia Thomas's political activism, with attention to the fact that she is a conservative activist. Why? Because with her call for an apology, the entire Anita Hill chapter has been reopened. Yet according to this piece, her call was the same day as a NYT article documenting her activism. Like a medium awakening a dormant spirit, could that piece have awakened bad memories for Mrs. Thomas and caused the call? I don't know. She hasn't said and I can only speculate. But this is not good timing. The press, always eager to set the narrative, has tried to convince people that all the bitterness and anger in our current political climate is because of the Tea Party, right wing talk radio, and the Bush era Republicans. Having the rather embarrassing Anita Hill testimony brought up reminds the forgetful that it actually predated these things by some time. Also, it reminds us of the basis upon which the Bill Clinton sexual harassment investigation was launched, and how the credibility of feminism had been so badly mauled by the Clinton administrations CYA approach to governing. Expect more dirt on Mrs. Thomas in the future.

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