Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dan Savage illustrates my point

Savage is running around assuring us that there is no disagreement with gay rights: You agree or else. No room for debate. No tolerance for diverse opinions. No willingness to assume that the gay rights movement is anything other than 100% sure that it is 100% right. Along with CNN and other left leaning outlets, the push to eliminate any rejection of homosexuality is growing strong. Utilizing the recent suicide of certain teens, some of whom were gay, the steps are:

1. These teens died because they were bullied.
2. Bullying therefore caused their deaths.
3. Because of this bullying has to be stopped.
4. To do this, the causes of bullying has to be stopped.
5. People who oppose homosexuality or criticize it in any way are causing bullying.
6. We have to stop letting people openly oppose or criticize homosexuality, whether in the workplace, schools, or any other public arena of debate.

The mathematics of tyranny and oppression. I've long said that homosexuality, not abortion, will be the hammer with which the Left uses to smash our right to be non-liberal. The recent push to see this through does nothing other than support my theory.

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