Thursday, October 28, 2010

Meanwhile, Jimmy Carter on Joy Behar

Would someone tell me how Joy Behar, who makes Glenn Beck look like a Rhodes Scholar, commands so many high quality guests? I know, Jimmy Carter, despite his attempts to the contrary, will always be remembered as one of our worst presidents. Even though a few left wing think tanks and some media outlets will try to paint a different picture, anyone over the age of 40 will remember those bleak, gray days of hopelessness under his lack of leadership. Nonetheless he is a former president, and Behar is, well, thin between the ears to be charitable. Here he is insisting that Obama's chances for reelection will improve because of those rascally Republicans and their obstructionist ways. For my part, I didn't realize Obama's chances for reelection were in danger, it not being past the midterm elections yet. But this is the age of the 24 hour news cycle, where politicians have to be in perpetual campaign mode, which in all likelihood has helped bring our country to the place it's at today.


  1. I think 24 hour cable news has been one of the worst influences on American politics. It forces our politicians to govern by the polls from the day they are elected, rather than govern according to the actual problems that confront our world.

  2. Not only govern by the polls but they actually campaign by the polls as well. It is a scarry thing to hear how the same person changes what they say over time based on what they hear on the news or the polls or anything like that. We as voters really need to keep ourselves fully informed I feel. We are not going to get the real story from 24 hr news, etc. We have got to research the person and really what they have done in the past to base why they may do in the future. But then like you said- they govern by the polls. It is a vicious circle I fear and there is not much we can do other than pray and hope that who we vote for will stay true to what they stand for and believe it. First of course we much choose candidates that we can stand behind as well.

  3. Carter one of the worst? Give me a break. What does that make Bush? Not even on the scale? And let's not forget Bush's daddy going to war for oil companies. And Reagan letting people die of AIDS because he didn't care if gays were dying or not. And Reagan's build up of a nuclear weapons store able to wipe us off the planet a thousand times. We won't even get into the rest of the Republicans. If that's what you think is good, then I'll take Carter's bad any day.

  4. Were you alive in the late 70s? Anyone who was and can support Carter's contention that he was one of the best, is missing something. Who said Reagan was perfect? And I certainly said nothing of the sort about Bush. That is completely beside the point. If the three you mention were in the bottom three spots, then I merely would be convinced Carter deserves to be fourth from the bottom. But that is probably twisting history. Presidents are like people: Fallen humans in fallen countries leading fallen people. I don't expect perfection. But I expect competency, a fair degree of morals, and some level of accomplishment. Carter had - at least until recent years - the moral side. He simply lacked the other two. And if the Republicans you mention lacked the same, I'm fine with the debate. But it doesn't change Carter's record one bit.

    Oh, and the old 'Reagan hated gays' is just a way to deflect attention from what happened in those early days of the AIDS pandemic. But that, like so many things, is for another post.

  5. I noticed that one name never mentioned has been Clinton. If you want to talk lack of morals lets go there, but that is of course like you would say for another post.
    Republicans have messed up, but so have Dems. If I had my drothers... well I don't get to have them so why go there. But maybe a new party with Morals and values that actually would represent those of us who are conservative morally and a bit more libral fiscally would be nice. Ah yes - wish in one hand and well you know the saying. :)


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