Saturday, October 2, 2010

Anderson Cooper must be ecstatic!

Turns out the Assistant AG in Michigan who dared post against homosexuality and a homosexual activist Student President at the University of Michigan has been suspended. 'Bout freakin time. Cooper and CNN have been hounding the State of Michigan over this blasphemer for days. When, oh when, we will learn that freedoms no longer apply to those who fail to conform 100% to the dogmas of the Leftist Gospel? I hope we American adults are enjoying our IPods, online porn, and sexual liberation. In a couple more generations, those will be the only freedoms we have left. Of course the funny part will be, once we've lost every other freedom, those will go as well. They always do. But Americans being a ball-less, gutless, brainless, and spineless lot we are who are more worried about our libidos than anything, probably don't care.

Note: do I think the Assistant AG went too far, seemed obsessive, and therefore should have been kept from doing any harm to anyone? Sure. But that wasn't the crux of the debate. Over and over again the good folks at CNN/End your Freedoms lamented this whole freedom of speech garbage that might be used to protect those who dare speak out against The Gospel (of Leftist Propaganda).

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