Friday, October 15, 2010

Bill O'Reilly on The View

And we wonder why our kids are messed up. I've seen more mature exchanges on a kindergarten playground. O'Reilly who clearly doesn't understand all of the topics on which he likes to opine, and the View, a show dedicated to making Glenn Beck look like a Rhodes Scholar, can only lead to this:

Given that this is the example our wonderful adult set for dialogue and discussion, personally I'm amazed at the resiliency and maturity of our younger generations. Hopefully they can survive the world we've left them and actually make something of their time upon this world.


  1. You say they are the problem while calling them a bunch of kindergartners and idiots. How are you not as bad as you say they are?

  2. To says someone is doing something is not bad. And yes, the View is that bad since half of what its hosts say is false. Whether because they know it is, or are ignorant of the subjects they dicuss I don't know. But in a society where everyone is sooooooo bothered by Glen Beck's lack of accuracy, I'm surprised that this show - which hosted our president - is not mentioned (I know,could it be bias on the media's part?). For instance Whoopie's Timothy McVeigh statement. What does that have to do with it? He wasn't a Christian. That's documented. It was a pointless statment. Like so many that are made in our cable TV world of debate.


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