Monday, October 25, 2010

New York Times Praises Bigotry - and gets called on the carpet (about freakin' time!)

Like a breath of fresh air, Archbishop Timothy Dolan has given the appropriate smack down to the New York Times. Now it's no secret, or shouldn't be, that the post-liberal Left hates Christianity. It loathes it. It despises it. And combine that with the age old Protestant, and later secular, nature of America and its traditional hatred of the Catholic Church, and you get a double whammy whenever issues of the Catholic Church come up in the modern PLL press. So a blasphemous play, that treats the Catholic Church with all the love that Nazi propaganda films treated Jews in 1930s Germany, is praised by the NYT reviews. Just as, no doubt, the NYT would praise a Nazi anti-Jewish propaganda film, or a KKK anti Martin Luther King, Jr. bio. Of course not. That is so far from reality I actually felt stupid writing it. Yet the bigotry against Christianity in general, and Catholicism in particular, is palpable in our culture, particularly in our academic and media institutions. It's good to see the Archbishop, known for his calm and gentle demeanor, finally step up and call bigotry for what it is.


  1. ah yes the persecution goes on...

  2. What persecution? A play that suggests the refusal to support solutions for some of today's problems is wrong? You think that is persectution? I think persecution is when people who believe in old fairy tales use those beliefs to tell other people they have no rights. Maybe this play is about real persecution and the forces behin it.


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