Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Liberalism: Yearning for the day it can outlaw Christianity

Since we heard a never ending chorus of celebrities, media pundits and politicians stepping out and declaring Terry Jones (of the Burn the Koran fame) to be scum of scum, lowlife of lowlife, and most deplorable of all carbon based lifeforms, I'm sure it's only a matter of time before we hear the same outrage - even from the President himself - aimed at the good professor Enrique Chagoya for his blasphemous and degrading portrayal of Jesus Christ in sexual positions....

I'm sure it will be any minute.....

Any minute now....

Oh, I guess not. In fact, unlike the good pastor Jones, who was promptly attacked by insurance companies, banks, and our own government, the divine M. Chagoya will be bringing his pornographic imagery of Jesus compliments of our taxes and government support. Thank goodness my kids can't sing about Jesus at Christmastime in the public schools so my tax dollars can pay for more of this sort of thing.

My guess is, the reasons are twofold. First, liberalism, based on the lie of Total Western Evil, is scared crapless over the threats of Islam. Despite our popular culture's assurance that it's racist Americans and bigot Christians we need to worry about, its actions suggest that it is some other religion they truly fear.

Second, liberalism is based upon the total and unrestrained hatred of all things of the Traditional Christian West. All of those foundations of classical Christian morality must be burned to the ground. Hating those who cling to traditional, Orthodox beliefs is not only allowed, but encouraged. Ask Mel Gibson. As Pope Benedict. Ask CNN that continues its quest for a Utopian paradise where all who fail to embrace such leftist dogmas as the celebration of homosexuality should be punished and censored for their lack of vision.

It's only a matter of time of course, because the wacked-out, militant left isn't held up in log cabins in the foothills of Montana. They teach at our universities, command our news networks, and control the outlets of mass communication by way of our popular culture. So buck up folks. Either join the liberal pack, or get used to censorship, oppression, ostracizing, and someday, punishment for your heresies.

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  1. Christians throughout history have endured such things as this. I believe that this is becoming our time once again. Chistians need to step up and live out their faith rather than just say they have faith. Christians of every background and every faith expression better live like they believe what they say because the hatred is flowing. Christ strengthen us all.


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