Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Atheism and Evolution

A crash course.  An interesting article as well.  When it comes to evolution, I might be one of those fundie types who ain't got them fancy brain things, but I can't help but believe in 1000 years, the way we imagine the beginnings and development of our universe will have changed radically.  Who knows, there could be new scientific revolutions that alter everything we think we know.  Doesn't mean I don't believe in evolution in the sense of change or development.  But there is a lot of baggage with evolution as embraced today, and I'm not sure we've sorted through that well enough to just change the Faith's traditions to accommodate what might turn out to be less solid fact than we thought.


  1. Pretty much right there with ya. Most of my objections to Evo are either scientific (or those misusing it) and it's certainly tiresome that it's become the equivalent of the secular Pope.

    "A lot of baggage" that's a great way of putting it, I'll have to remember that for the future. ("I don't object to Evolution, I object to its baggage.")

  2. Yeah, in the next to last church I served at before becoming Catholic, there was a professor of Calculus. He taught math, but his PhD was in physics with a focus on aerodynamics. Whew. He was great at 'dumbing it down' for me. He once said that flight could not evolve on its own. It just couldn't. He said you often hear 'first gliding, then flight evolved.' But, he explained, it takes more than wings or membranes to make flight. A hundred factors and characteristics have to be in place for whatever it takes to fly. And according to evolution, they all would have had to evolve, because being burdened with half the tools needed to fly, but lacking the others, is a sure way to be predator food, not a survivor. Just clip a bird's wings and leave it on the ground and see how long it lasts. I've not seen a good rebuttal to that.


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