Friday, January 22, 2016

Charlotte Rampling challenges the acceptable racism

As a disclaimer, I have no idea who Charlotte Rampling is.  She is British, and it's tough for us Americans to get, but not everyone in the world sees things the way we do.  Whether we are Right or Left, Black or White or Red,  Religious or not, other people in the world actually see things differently.  I have no clue where she stands on things or how she votes.  I only know that she has called this spade a spade.  Basically what the Black actors are doing is saying that the ones who are nominated this year are unworthy and were only nominated because of their skin color.  At best, they are saying some of the ones nominated are unworthy and were only nominated because of their skin color.  Which, if you said it about an NBA player or an NFL player, how long do you think you would last?  The socially sanctioned racism of the day.

But as I've already noticed, there seems to be some push-back starting.  Hollywood is the Pravda of American liberalism.  It goes out of its way to promote all of the dogmas of the Left.  As a result, I'm not sure how long it will tolerate being smacked down and told those it chose to nominate were unworthy and that the ones doing the choosing are no better than your typical David Duke fan club member. 

Of course, as I pointed out here, it could be that it really is racist.  Just that second form of racism that the modern Left has popularized, similar to its take on human life and suffering.  Basically, if the minority experience doesn't help the narrative, then it is of no value.  Just like the murdered child or the dead black teen.  Unless they help the cause, don't expect to here a thing outside of a local news story. 

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