Saturday, January 16, 2016

The evils of America

Summed up in a succinct post.  Remember suicide.  It happens to civilizations too.  When confronted with the ugly fact that everything about your nation is an evil, everyone who was part of it an evil, and the entire legacy and contribution to history an evil, nations may well do what people do when they become convinced that it is all their fault, they have no redeeming qualities, and no amount of begging of forgiveness will allay the assaults of constant condemnation and blame.  That is, kill themselves.  Or at best, give up and not care if they die.

BTW, I recommend the post itself.  Not that the blog is an issue, but the call to focus on our past made to a generation that has hardly heard anything but the bad seems, at this stage in the game, a call for more water in the middle of the Pacific.

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