Friday, January 22, 2016

Add Cisnormativity to the list of new words I learned today

I've read the definition and I still don't get it.  The best I can tell is that it is a term for people who somehow act or speak as if not being LGBTQ is somehow the norm.  I think.  Though I loved this little line from Queer Dictionary:

"Examples of cisnormativity are closely linked to gender essentialism and may include statements like, "Men can not get pregnant." Although cisnormativity is rarely deliberate, it is almost always perceived as hurtful and offensive to the trans* community."

I don't usually laugh out loud.  But the idea that saying 'men can't get pregnant' could be hurtful or offensive?  To anyone?   What's next, pointing out that gravity exists could be offensive? 

We are literally the emperor not only being naked, but doing everything in the world to make it illegal for anyone to point out the obvious.  FWIW, the word came from an article pointing out the obvious, that Notre Dame is hosting events directly tied to liberal causes.  Again, Notre Dame.  When I tell people I don't cheer for Notre Dame in football, they ask me why not if I'm Catholic.  I just smile. 

Next up in my word studies: Gender Essentialism? 

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