Saturday, January 16, 2016

Replacing evil with evil

Yes, evil.  The sex and drugs cult of modern liberalism is every bit as wicked and evil as the tyranny and dictatorships it promised to free us from.  That's because, as we now see with things like the HHS mandate and Kim Davis, the promise of 'everybody just get laid' eventually leads to 'I want to get laid without consequences and if you stand in the way of my orgasms, I hope you rot in jail.'  All of this is apart from the abortion and, increasingly, euthanasia cult and the tens of millions of corpses floating in the wake of AIDS, as well as the hundreds of millions of lives turned upside down and the general malaise that comes with a sexed up, hedonistic culture.  So I hope nothing bad happens to her.  I appreciate the chance to see her assets. But simply saying 'we're against Mammon, so rally to Moloch kiddies' is not the answer.  And what's more, we Catholics and Christians should  think twice about the idea that the sins of Moloch, while still sins, are simply those unfortunate things that we can all embrace and love nonetheless. 

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