Thursday, January 14, 2016

Add to the list of forbidden words

In addition to all the oldies, we have a new forbidden word: Ghetto.  Apparently Quinton Tarantino - that's Mr. "Vengeance Slaughter Porn" Tarantino; that's Mr. 'Maybe cops are killers, I don't care if one just got killed' Tarantino, has caused some anger.  Why?  Because he used the word Ghetto in an unacceptable way. I'm not exactly sure why it's unacceptable, but the scuttlebutt is that there are some who are quite bothered by his use of the term.  Again, don't ask me why.  I just know that the good thing is we can take Christ and God's names in vain, and good old F-bombs are as popular as ever.  But as for the other 1,234,543,765,345,645,345 words?  I'm afraid we'll have to add it to the 'Do not use if you're the wrong person' category of the list. How else can we live in a free, open and tolerant society that celebrates diversity and alternative viewpoints? 

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