Thursday, January 14, 2016

Because liberalism is all about the free exchange of ideas

Planned Parenthood, one of the flagships of modern, applied liberalism, has slammed Paul Ryan's decision to invite two nuns to the State of the Union speech.  Why the problem?  Because these nuns are at the forefront of Obama's frontal assault on Religious Liberty in the form of coercing religious faiths to compromise their values and pay for that which their doctrines hold as anathema.  Of course the legalities will be of no value once the hearts and minds of the country have been won over.  That is why PP is upset.  It's easier to win hearts and minds when you eradicate anyone who dares pose an alternative to your proposals.  Well done Speaker Ryan.  Would that more pro-life Catholics get behind you and praise your actions (something that was noticed by just about everyone who watched the speech). 

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