Thursday, January 21, 2016

Salon hates Christians

There is something refreshing about those who embrace the great heresy who are open about their hatred of us Christians.  So often, it's couched in softer language, talking of diversity and let's all agree to disagree.  At least until the numbers are on their side and they can get the upper hand legally. 

But hates us.  It in no way hides the fact.  And it's consistent.  It hates Pope Francis, too.  Just like any Christian who hasn't jettisoned the entirety of the Faith to embrace the secular left.  While many to the Left have had a love fest with Francis and hope, that by focusing on his more liberal sounding conversations, they can simply sweep that other Catholic stuff under the carpet, Salon will have none of it. 

And so it's not surprising that Salon considers being a Christian as disqualifying one from holding the office of the presidency.   Salon represents that refreshing radicalism of the left that makes it clear it wants a secular, leftists totalitarian state that embraces censorship and brutally oppresses and ostracizes people of faith.  It hates believers. None of this 'we don't hate Christians, we just disagree with...' rubbish.  Nope.   It hates believers and wants them outa here. 

Like a Presbyterian minister friend I had once told me, Jesus commands us to love our enemies, forgive our enemies and pray for our enemies.  But at no time does He suggest that in doing so, they will automatically cease to be our enemies.  Words to ponder in light of Taylor's clear manifesto against people of faith being able to lead the country they want to conquer. 

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