Thursday, January 21, 2016

Mercy is not enough

Explains The National Catholic Reporter.  Once again, we are reminded that where the progressive revolution is concerned, there is no compromise. There is only conversion.  A bonus note:  In the middle of the article is says this:

Ultimately, the pope leaves us to assume that LGBTQ people are in need of some type of mercy and forgiveness that heterosexuals, by their very natures, do not need. As long as that is the disposition of the pope and the church, we LGBTQ Catholics will always be left to believe that, regardless of our gifts or the quality of love in our lives, in the eyes of the church we will never be equal to our fellow straight Catholics. And as long as that is the case, we will continue to be marginalized by our church.

One of the most annoying parts of the Gay Rights Movement has been its tendency to want it both ways.  So it was once a preference, then it became born this way, but not in a bad way and not just clones, but simply embracing what they wanted and yet had no choice but to accept. 

And of course what went on in a person's bedroom was nobody's business.  Except the moral fabric of human civilization had to be radically altered and converted to do nothing short of celebrate what goes on in the bedroom, which is apparently nobody's business.

And so we have this, where we are told that nobody has the unique struggles and trials that people with non-heterosexual preferences face, and yet must stop acting as if there is something different or unique about the struggles of people who have non-heterosexual preferences. 

Call me silly, but when I hear the car salesman tell me that it is simultaneously the best priced car on the lot, but prices don't really mean anything and shouldn't be what dictates my decision, I pause right there and then. 

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