Friday, January 22, 2016

Manning so doesn't have a chance

I'm not saying there is 0% chance that Denver will win.  In football, anything can happen.  But poor Manning has been past his prime for several years.  Denver picked him to essentially get Tim Tebow the hell out of there.  But except for one year that ended in one of the worst defeats in Super Bowl history, his record has been on a slow decline.  And this year has barely been worth mentioning.  If Denver wins, I can't imagine it being with Manning at the helm.

That kills me, since I can't stand the Patriots.  I know the media, sports media included, is always on the lookout for that next 'it!'.  Be it Babe Ruth or the Pittsburg Steelers.  Or Magic vs. Bird.  Or Tiger Woods or Michael Jordon or Joe 'Cool' Montana.  They've been pushing Brady and the Patriots for years, and it's taken this long to get where they are.  But the Patriots have come to symbolize the modern 'no ethics or rules, just winning for money's sake' NFL, if not all of professional sports.  Right or wrong, you can't think of the Patriots and not think 'cheaters.'

I fear they will win, and the media will crown the Patriots the greatest sports team in history and Brady the greatest athlete since Heracles.  But one can always hope.  Who knows?  Maybe Manning can do it one last time for the credibility of the sports media narrative.  Here's hoping!

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