Thursday, January 21, 2016

Speaking of Global Warming

Or whatever we are calling it in the face of record snow storms.  It looks like a very credible study has been released suggesting that primitive humans, by their very struggle for existence, helped cause Global Warming, or whatever we are calling it in the face of record snow storms.

I know, Pope Francis has put his imprimatur on the terrors of Global Warming and our inevitable destruction if we don't do something radical about it immediately.  Nonetheless, this is a prickly part of the 'Science Says!' game that advocates of MMGW have to overcome.  At least Catholic or Christian advocates. This is part of the whole 'humanity is the only species that is a festering, malignant blight on the otherwise pure and beautiful blue marble in space' viewpoint. 

My sons learned that.  My third one specifically asked me about that one day after school.  He was told that we are the only species that would improve the planet if we were wiped out.  I mentioned that to a ministry circle that was more to the Left, and most concluded he was woefully wrong; he must have heard it wrong.  And yet, it is now gaining steam.  It isn't just overpopulation. It isn't just factories and motor cars that are the problem.  It's the fact that we exist.

Looking back at the turn of the 20th century, we can see how dangerous it was when Europeans were concluding that some stock of human beings were less than human or didn't deserve to take up space on our planet.  50 years later, we were dealing with the consequences.  So naturally today, we conclude that the logical answer to that problem is not to dismiss the idea that some humans are less worthy of living on our planet than others, but instead to embrace the fact that no humans are worthy to live on the planet.  Gee.  That can only end up turning out well. 

What happened to all the glaciers?  Now we know!  And knowing is half the battle.

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