Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Here's my thing with Trump

If this is real, then it's yet another reason not to vote for Trump.  I'm all for reaching across the aisle.  In my Protestant ministry days, I was one of the most ecumenical pastors in my denomination.  Sometimes I actually received some major push back from my own congregations as a result.  But I've always been OK with people I disagree with. 

But there are limits.  Somewhere, Christians lost our ability to call out our enemies.  It's OK to say we have enemies.  As a dear friend who was a Presbyterian pastor once told me, Jesus commands us to pray for our enemies, love our enemies and do good for our enemies...but at no point does he say that in doing so they will cease to be our enemies. 

So assuming that the above story is true, and Trump has picked as a spokeswoman someone who seems to hate Conservatives and Christians as much as the KKK hates blacks, you have to ask yourself 'what is he thinking?'.  I mean, if these posts are true, this is nothing but hatred and contempt by a person who clearly would be happier if people like me weren't taking up space on the planet.  And this is who Trump picks?

I'll wait and see if this is accurate, though I found other sources that appear to agree.   But if it is accurate, then no Conservative or Christian with half a brain should support Trump until he does something about this.  If he doesn't?  Well, figure it out. 


  1. I have to say that I really enjoy your blog and find myself agreeing with much of it.

    I consider myself a conservative/traditional Catholic and was on the fence until I started going regularly to this site:


    (I have no affiliation with this blog)

    The more I read about Trump the arguments seem compelling. The GOPe machine is real, which I was really unaware of before going to the "treehouse" site. Plus considering we have been given McCain and then Romney I am not sure I can take it anymore.

    I really have not read what I would consider well thought out policy arguments against Trump other then he is a "blowhard", "mean", "clown", etc.

    I am open to two or three other candidates, but I sense more of the same with them. I really encourage you to check that site out, and I would be open to hearing a compelling argument in favor of another candidate.

  2. Thank you for saying that! I appreciate it. In terms of Trump, right now there are too many negatives, though I’m sure he can still make valid points. When it comes to candidates, I look at several things. One is the type of person they are, given that I’m sure there has to be some level of aggressiveness for an individual to be at that stage in the first place. But I get the impression that Mr. Trump would knock me over if I got in his way, no questions asked. And that, in the hands of one of the most powerful leaders in the world, is bothersome. Not that others wouldn’t. But he almost acts as if it is a point of pride that he simply steamrolls whoever is in his path.

    But in terms of this story, I could agree with Trump on everything and be fully behind him, but this would be a deal breaker. I don’t blame a candidate for every person who works or volunteers for them at the street level. But this is a key spokesperson. And she doesn’t just say ‘here is where I respectfully disagree…’ She has clear and obvious loathing and contempt for the very people Trump wants to vote for him. If I was president of his election campaign, I’d be giving him the choice of doing something about her or accepting my resignation. That is a problem. And if Trump doesn’t see the problem there, then that is one more major issue I have that will overrule anything valuable I think he might have to say.


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