Monday, January 18, 2016

Racism in America

My boys asked an interesting question. Why is it when someone says something like this – focus on the white vote or whatever - it’s racist.  But when the media blames whites, talks of the angry white male, speaks of white anger, talks of divisions caused by whites and the need for politicians to appeal to minorities and not focus on whites, it isn’t racism? 

Good question, if you think on it. I know I didn't have a good answer. The best I could say is it's racist if the first consideration is what is the color of their skin. I guess. Just because those other cases aren't labeled racist doesn't mean they're not. They are. Especially if it is considered racist to say the exact same thing, just about another skin color.  I have no problem saying Ms. Coulter is a racist, as long as I can add Salon and Huffpost and most of the national media to the mix.


  1. Deep down, it's probably a bit of racism itself.

    I really think it's going to be another generation or two before we fully "get over" WW2, and one of the consequences of that is now people just seem to believe is that if "white people" have their own group, they're going to get up to trouble. And if they get up to trouble, it's Nazi-ish level stuff. Ah but if any other race hangs out in its own group and gets up to any trouble, they won't be THAT bad.

    You'll never hear anyone say it, but question them long enough and you'll realize that that's it: people just don't believe that any other race can be as evil as white people can be.

    We'll see how long that lasts.

  2. I would suggest that the biggest boon to that viewpoint - and I agree with what you say - is that the biggest cheerleaders for the notion that evil is especially prominent among certain groups of certain skin color, are those who have that same skin color. One of the driving forces of the progressive revolution is 'as a matter of fact, my demographic does suck.' That's a hard one to overcome. But I do wonder how long it will take to flush all of the racism out of our society, if it will ever happen at all.


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