Thursday, January 28, 2016

John Kasich is a credit to the modern political discourse

Yes, I wish he had a little more 'umph' to him.  And it might be one of those judgments against our nation that a man who could have done much to repair the Conservative face in America has been sideswiped by the Trump 3-Ring-Circus.  But he is a good man, and dares to maintain his positions while doing so in a way that invites cooperation. 

Not that he would be spared if he received the nomination.  I'm not stupid.  In the 90s, he was every Democrat's favorite example of how Republicans should be, unlike that mean and hateful Newt Gingrich fellow.  And for many, he is that today - what liberals say conservatives should be if they want to win.  If he got the nomination, however, that would all change, just like it did with McCain in 2008.  They would come after him with everything under the sun. 

Still, a good guy. A good witness. And if he had a chance, I'd put my vote behind him with few if any reservations.  Just to let you know where I stand.

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