Saturday, January 16, 2016

The difference between Trump and Sanders

As my son put it, Trump says what he wants to say.  Sanders says what he means to say.  This isn't an endorsement of Sanders, BTW.  I cannot - I will not - endorse a politician who is part of a party that has embraced a movement dedicated to my elimination.  Liberalism, as it is commonly known, is allied with one of the great heresies of the ages, one that sports blasphemy, debauchery, apathy, narcissism and tyranny as its end game.  That's not to say the GOP is God's party.  It isn't.  It never has been.  When I was a Protestant minister, I was hard pressed to find many colleagues who didn't view the GOP, and Conservatism in general, as a force that was simply less hostile to the Faith and its beliefs. Not that it wasn't hostile.  It simply was less so.

But Trump and, to a lesser extent, Cruz? Hillary's only hope is for them to get the nomination, and that's saying something.   As I'm seeing more and more, the legacy of Obama is Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.  A radical left of left socialist, and a demagogue who taps into the worst stereotypes of those he says he wishes to represent.  2016 should be interesting.

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