Saturday, January 16, 2016

Well done Romanian Orthodox

When Bush proposed, however limply, a marriage amendment to the Constitution, the American Christian community was divided three ways.  To the left, including a great many Catholics who typically swing left, opposition was swift and vocal.  Then there were many, mostly out of Protestant evangelical and fundamentalist circles, that supported it.  Then you had that strange middle ground, who more or less seemed to say that they didn't want to lean on the government, or didn't support the amendment itself, or whatever.  Basically, they didn't support gay marriage, but they were against doing anything legal or legislative to stop it. 

But in Romania, this is not your grandfather's Christianity.  At least not if you grew up here in the States.  True, they are facing the same double standard visited on American Christians for some time.  Basically, anyone can meddle in the Secular government as long as you are advancing the designs of the Secular Left.  You can jump into bed with the government in the name of your religion all you want, as long as it is to help the Cause.  But the minute you oppose, that's when the old 'Separation of Church and State' card gets played. 

But it looks like the Romanian Church is having none of it.  No intimidation there.  Why would there be?  This is where Dracula lives for crying out loud!  You think they're going to be bothered by a little Secular Liberal intimidation and sleight of hand?  No, really.  They survived the radically leftist dream of Communist tyranny and terror, and emerged battered and bruised, but alive.  I think they can handle the tricks that have so bebothered and confusticated us American Christians for the last few decades. Especially because, as anyone who lived through the terrors of the Communist hell pit can tell you, it doesn't take the brains of an ass to know that when people insist they only want this, in all likelihood tomorrow, they will want so much more.

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