Thursday, January 28, 2016


Next story.  Like we thought this wouldn't start happening more and more.  One thing about it, the Left's ability to declare something to be yesterday's truth continues apace.  Remember when Gay Rights was all about tolerance and living among one another despite our disagreements, and we were told it was ludicrous to believe anyone would ever be punished for not accepting non-heterosexual normality?  Yeah.  I remember when MTV played videos, too. 


  1. I taught the 7th grade religious education class for several years. I would speak to the kids about gay marriage within the context of the marriage chapter. Normally the responses (at least outwardly) would range from hostility to ambivalence regarding Catholic teaching. I finally decided one year to do a web search on the number of lawsuits regarding gay marriage services in general. Basically to make the point that the authentic Catholic position regarding marriage is under attack.

    I was astonished by what I found. The number of lawsuits was staggering. I think everyone of them was decided in the favor of the gay couple. The targets were photographers, B&Bs and farms that host weddings, bakers and basically anyone who provided marriage related services in general. That was several years ago and since then it has only gotten worse. At that point the "light-bulb" went on for me, I realized gay marriage is the vehicle through which the persecution of the Church will take place.

  2. I think you are spot on right. I think that, back in the day, many thought abortion would be that issue. But despite popular narratives, abortion cuts across a host of lines. There are religious people who support it, there are atheists who are against it. Liberals, too. I know some who are liberal in every way, but they are against abortion. I know some who are conservative who allow for it at least in extreme times. So it wasn't as easy to use. But gay marriage is the bomb, to use youthful jargon. Really. It's the bomb with which the movement can blast away the religion it seeks to eliminate, since in almost all cases - at least publically - those who oppose it do so only for reasons of faith.


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