Saturday, January 16, 2016

In case you missed the smattering of news stories

The number of Christians martyred has tripled in two years.  Over 7,000 killed as a direct result of their faith.  It's also worth noting that a majority of those killed were not in the parts of the Middle East that we can blame on the US Government and the Bush administration.  The punditry over principles of our modern age is a wicked thing.  Those who say they're all about life, and yet their willingness to join the media's trend of only caring about human suffering and death when it advances an agenda or gives weight to an argument makes you wonder. 

There is other forms of persecution of Christians going on of course.  And here at home, many are making it increasingly clear that their intention is to force Christians to compromise or else.  That they insist Christians have no right to complain until there are gas chambers set up is simply a way to tell us to accept persecution until told otherwise.  But it's getting worse in the world.  Pray for those who display a faith and courage that I could only begin to imagine. 

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