Wednesday, January 20, 2016

When wisdom is mocked as foolishness

It is never a good thing.  So an actress named Stacey Dish has suggested we end all of this basing things on the color of people's skins.  Heck, maybe ditch Black History Month while we're at it.  I'm fine with that. It's not really Black "History".  It's a celebration of awesome black people.  History, as we are told when we ask why the overwhelming focus on American history is so negative, is supposed to be both good and bad.  Well, with Black History Month, when was the last time anything bad about Blacks, Black history, Black culture, or Black anything was mentioned? 

Of course she is right.  Perhaps Black History Month played an important part in the day, but it's well past its sell-by date.  And as for the sad spectacle that continues as we only care about the color of people's skin, I say it is time to stop the focus and just look at people as people.  So she's right.  And just as obviously, she is being ripped apart since, in our society, the last thing we want is people who speak to the obvious in an obvious way.

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