Saturday, January 16, 2016

Why do people distrust Obama and his approach to ISIS

Because in the wake of a man and a woman killing multiple people in San Bernardino, the White House reiterated there was no reason to worry about immigrants.  Why?  Because we screen all immigrants, paying close attention to young men of certain ages and backgrounds:
But all potential refugees are fingerprinted, photographed and interviewed by federal officials abroad. Biometric data is run through federal databases to confirm identity and check for criminal and other nefarious activity. Men receive special scrutiny.

Despite the fact that it was already shown that at least one woman was involved in the Paris attacks, one involved in San Bernardino, and just now, apparently more than one involved in horrifying killing of many in Burkina Faso.

I get that you can't know everything and prepare for every eventuality.  But at least be aware of  current events to know that if you say you're paying close attention to men, when several attacks are occurring with the help of women, people listening are going to start asking questions.  Questions like 'are you even paying attention?  Are you basing your ideas on facts?'  Sure, more attackers are still men.  But it's the image.  It's the flagrant disregard for what everyone has heard, in addition to the long, agonizingly inept track record that President Obama has established for himself when it comes to dealing with this Junior Varsity team of ISIS. 

God bless those victims, their loved ones, and please help end this reign of evil that everyone sees, but so many wish to ignore. 

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