Thursday, January 14, 2016

Conservative conveniently killed

In this RawStory headline, you can almost feel the gloating.  Mark Shea also ran with it on his Facebook page, using it to take swipes at that ever vaguely defined group called The Gun Cult.  What strikes me is the difference in tone that exists between the Oregon protesters and their supporters, verses the tone used when Muslims kill in the name of Islam, or blacks riot and kill and destroy property.  I mean, what is the difference? My boys noticed it without me needing to tell them.  All I can say is that the speed with which the Oregon protesters - who may be guilty and in no way worthy of respect I'll concede - were labeled terrorist, and have been mocked, derided, laughed at, and when killed, even spat upon and dragged through the verbal mud, has to do with one of three things: their politics, their religion, or their skin color.  And the thought that they are so hated because of one of those things doesn't bring much comfort, even if I disagree with their tactics. 

BTW, bonus note.  In the article, notice that the editors leave the poorly handwritten note notifying others of Mr. Carter's death.  Notice the [sic]s.  A professor once said that sic should seldom appear in writings.  If you are reprinting an important document, say for historical record, and there is something like an error that might be questionable or confusing, it is appropriate.  But if something that is not necessary is reproduced, and there are multiple errors that sic is applied to, then it almost always means the quote is part of a hit piece.  That was in 1998 he said that, BTW.  And it appears to be true.  The note wasn't needed.  It could have been referenced or paraphrased.  It was there in all its sic-laden glory to drive home the point that these racist gun toting terrorists are, like most non-liberals, a bunch of hayseed dolts as well.  Never mind that he might have been upset.  That is irrelevant.  The story is to propagandize, counting on people like Mark Shea to spread the fire.  It is not to inform.  It certainly isn't to sympathize with a human being's death. 

Update Note: In going back and looking at Mark's Facebook page, he seems to put a heavy emphasis on quoting RawStory, which is a hard left of left partisan hit publication.  It is almost beyond MSNBC in its appraisal of anything even close to right of extreme left.  So once again, we have conservative Mark Shea taking as Gospel truth anything a hard left radical publication says about non-liberal non-conformists. And he seems to do so multiple times a day.  Go figure.  I guess conservative just doesn't mean what it used to mean. 


  1. One should start quoting rawstory articles on Catholics and ask Mark why those shouldn't be taken as gospel as he's taking this story. It's hard not to see Catholics as having an abusive relationship with liberalism ("Oh it hits me as a sign of its love. - It has a good heart deep down, you just can't see it. - It's ok, i deserved this black eye..." etc)

    Or maybe just ask him why violent muslims WHO HAVE ACTUALLY KILLED PEOPLE receive more consideration and Christian love than actual neighbors who haven't harmed anyone (as of time of writing).

    Yet more proof that there's nothing Satan can't corrupt if you aren't vigilant. People take "who is my neighbor" and run with it to adopt any neighbor they want while ignoring their ACTUAL, LITERAL neighbors. "Love thy enemy" ends up with people choosing enemies they find easy to love while hating with all their heart people that actually anger them (you know... someone we might call, AN ENEMY).

  2. I notice that one of the hallmarks of the modern Left is turning the old Arabic proverb on its head: a stranger before my loser cousin, my loser cousin before my sub-human scum brother. Right now, Mark is running with a post that says more people were killed by toddlers with guns than terrorists, so why not crack down on them. I know it's supposed to be ludicrous. To me, the ludicrous is that people actually think that is a slam-dunk argument. The problem with terrorism today is that people see terrorism as nothing more than the human casualties. We have long lost our sense of 'being Americans.' As long as some other American does the dying in a terrorist attack, it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make, since I owe nothing to the idea of 'fellow Americans' anymore. The only ones I care about are the ones I care about.


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