Tuesday, January 26, 2016

What about Tim Tebow isn't awesome

His character cost him his career.  There is no doubt.  Sure, his playing style and its compatibility with the NFL was a fair debate.  But when was the last time a player praised as one of the best college players of all time, who took his team his first year to the second round of the playoffs, was subsequently benched without another chance?  Make no mistake, this is the future for orthodox Christians of a traditional bent.

Still, he keeps coming out and being an awesome witness.  It saddened me how many on Catholic blogs blasted him back in the day because he was part of a missionary family working to convert Catholics.  My advice there is that if we don't like it, then we Catholics should work on converting our separated brethren.  If we don't, then we're not doing what we are supposed to and they are. 

But the man seems to have character out the ears, not to mention a level of self control that I can only dream about.  So well done Mr. Tebow.  If my boys wanted to pick a sports hero, they could do worse than you - though you obviously would advise them to choose better.  And for that, you deserve the trophy. 

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