Thursday, January 21, 2016

One of the problems with Pope Francis

Is that what he says can be interpreted a hundred different ways.  So this article, over at Life Site, see a warning shot from Pope Francis in his statement about not being willing to change.  The problem is, change what?  I don't want to change the doctrine of the Holy Trinity. Is that what he means?  No doubt it isn't what he means.  But what about homosexuality?  Change that?  How?  Say it's OK?  Say it's not OK but no big deal?  Say it isn't a mortal sin anymore? 

I find much of what Pope Francis says is unmistakably vague.  It leaves endless room for debate.  And in the end, that's not good.  I got that Jesus spoke in parables.  And perhaps that is what Pope Francis is doing: being purposely evasive.  And there are many fans of Pope Francis who says that is what he is doing.

But if so, then the confusion is well earned, and not the fault of the media twisting things or people just being dumb. After all, if he is doing it to sow confusion, then what can we say about those who are confused? 

For my part, Jesus gets to talk in parables and choose who hears plainly and who doesn't.  It's worth noting that at times Jesus ultimately explains the parables.  I'm not sure a mere mortal has the authority to deliberately shut out, by way of confusion, those he has deemed unworthy of the message.  If, in fact, that is the Pope's intention.

If it isn't, then I don't know what to say.  If you are going to drop bombs, like saying people unwilling to embrace chance are idolaters, then you had best spell out exactly what you mean, since I'm sure even Pope Francis is unwilling to change on some things.  Exactly where it all goes remains to be seen.  But some clarity after the last years of vague and open ended statements would be nice.  Or perhaps not, depending on what the vagueness is ultimately concealing.

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