Thursday, January 14, 2016

A lesson about bigotry and when not to accuse it

A well written article reminding us to be cautious about the pitfall of just charging in and labeling anyone with disagreements about Islam as Islamaphobic bigots. It's all the rage.  Just like people who questioned a national holiday for Martin Luther King, Jr. were racists, and anyone who even thought about suggesting that men and women are different were sexists.  Today, don't accept gay marriage or gay normality and you're a homophobic bigot.  And of course, the latest installment of that tactic, if you don't accept the modern narrative regarding Islam - whatever that may be - then it's just Islamaphobic bigotry.  For my money, the word bigotry sounds harsher when it isn't used as an alternative to an Archie-Bunker like version of Stifle it Dingbat!

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