Thursday, January 14, 2016

Political correctness is what happens to a society's civility when the devil gets a hold of it and corrupts it

That wasn't my observation.  That wonderfully true little quip was Nate Winchester's from the post below.  And true it is.  Again, while many progressives attempt to equate Political Correctness and Civility, we know better.  We know now that this is nothing but rank censorship and that is it.  This is oppression and the stripping away and redefining of rights and liberties.  And it is the attempt to eradicate the Judeo-Christian heritage from the West, including the United States.  The tactics are many, and the constant beating down of our heritage and our Faith is part of the strategy.  But by now, we should all know that attempts to be 'diverse' or 'tolerant' are merely screens used to cover up the eradication of us from our society. 

So when we see a lawsuit that wants to ban In God We Trust from our money - which I'm shocked hasn't happened yet - remember, it has nothing to do with a secular, or a tolerant, or a diverse society.  It has nothing to do at all with what the Founding Fathers would have envisioned.  It is an attempt by the Devil to strip away any Christian connection to our society and banish it to the darkness of catacombs and sewers.  Though, admittedly, that is where the Church thrived 2000 years ago.  Still, a friend from the former USSR once said that only someone who hasn't lived without freedom would not care about losing it.  So in the words of a Nigerian priest who served at our parish for several years: Resist.  Stop letting the world of the Devil tell you to shut up and stay out of society. 

Oh, and it does little good to say things like 'well, we were never a Christian nation, we owned slaves and did bad things.'  True enough. But getting to the truth of things is not this movement's goal.  Conceding any ground to a conqueror gets you one step closer to the wall against which you will have your back.  Nothing more.

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