Friday, January 8, 2016

Non Stories for Partisan consumption

This is what is known as an ‘unstory’ for partisan consumption.  In a nation not immersed in partisan punditry, we adults would read this story and smile.  If we’ve worked with kids, we know how they can unexpectedly seize on things in ways you couldn’t predict.  And then we would probably say Dr. Carson pulled good from it by declaring before the classmates and the world that the kid all the others think is the worst (probably before Dr. Carson arrived) may well be like a world famous neurosurgeon someday.  Not that it would change my mind about not voting for him, but I would give him that little nod of understanding and kudos.  In a nation not immersed in partisan punditry that is.  In our nation?  Need I say more.   And the press that is running thestory knows it. 

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