Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Loretta Lynch embraces the fog

Staring at a pile of evidence that suggests the Orlando attack was either a vengeance killing from within depths of the gay community or a killing motivated by devotion to Islam and ISIS, Loretta Lynch invokes the spirit of liberalism.  That is, who's to say what the word 'is' really means?  Can we know for a fact that 2+2=4?  How can we ever really know that the universe isn't a marble in some giant space alien's bag?  Maybe dog should be spelled c-a-t.  Let's just focus on guns and bigotry in America.  Yeah, that's the ticket.

It's the liberal way.  Can you really argue against it?  I mean, they're staring at the exact same evidence you are.  It's obvious.  But they reject it.  They argue against it.  And with the help of the media and much of our societal establishments, that should be no problem at all.  We are a nation that has long grown tired of things like truth, facts, freedom or common sense.  Ms. Lynch is simply preaching to a more than willing choir.


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