Saturday, June 18, 2016

The dreaded AR-15

Which everyone wants to ban ever since a Sig Sauer MCX semi-automatic rifle was used in the Orlando shooting.  Which makes perfect sense of course.  After all, a potentially gay Muslim of Afghani descent with racist tendencies murdered 49 people of predominantly Hispanic heritage at a gay bar while praising the same ISIS that had recently called upon Muslim extremists to murder during Ramadan, and we've concluded that American Christian Conservatives are the real threat. So hey!  Why not?  It's post-modernity!  Nothing is real, and truth can get hung about it.

Nonetheless, there are some things called facts which are always worth considering.  Over at The American Catholic, Donald McClarey has a video by a veteran who seems slightly more in tune with the nuances of firearms than Hillary Clinton or others who are leading the charge against military assault weapon style armaments.

For my money, I'm willing to sit down and have a discussion over what should be allowed under the Second Amendment.  I'm also very distrustful of most gun control advocates since virtually nothing they say, including their sneering condescension if not outright hatred of gun owners, convinces me they don't see this as one small step for banning certain guns, one giant step for rewriting the Bill of Rights.

Nonetheless, the veteran in question is worth listening to.  His is not Gospel truth.  It is information and an opinion you simply don't hear. So use it to balance against the other, credible sources that might disagree.  You know, the ones who have shown us that it's American Conservative Christians we should worry about after a radicalized racist Muslim killed 49 people in the name of ISIS.

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